Useful websites

Credit Union Consumer Facts , ,
Provides an easy way to assess energy use and get quick tips on saving energy.

Environmental Protection Agency ,
A one-stop shop for advice on testing for and mitigating pollutants, from lead paint to radon to mold.

Equifax ,
A source of credit reports.

Experian (formerly TRW) ,
A source of credit reports.

Federal Citizen Information Center ,
Offers a list of consumer articles about home sales, financing, and maintenance.

Ginnie Mae ,
Provides advice to buyers on affordability and homeownership, including calculators.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Affairs ,
Offers advice to buyers on finance, fair housing, and more.

ImproveNet ,
Provides links to contractors and architects for remodeling projects for buyers and repair services for sellers. For a small charge, buyers can use the site?s Estimators to determine how much renovating a property they?re considering would cost. ,
Helps buyers and sellers with packing tips and timetables, online mover links, and places to store belongings so that homes look less cluttered. ,
Offers consumer information for buyers and sellers as well as home listings and links to service providers.

Real Estate Buyer?s Agent Council (REBAC) ,
Offers a homebuyer's kit with useful information and checklists.,
Offers the latest news of gambling world for players and links to trusted casinos.

Trans Union Corporation ,
A source of credit reports.

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